Make It Our UPMC


Stand Up for Good Jobs and a Healthy Pittsburgh

To the UPMC Board of Directors,

As Pittsburgh’s dominant health system and largest employer, UPMC is a key community asset that plays a vital role in our region’s health and economy. The people of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County share a common stake in UPMC’s growth and success. Yet with success comes a serious set of responsibilities to our community.

People across our region are deeply concerned by UPMC’s priorities and direction.  In recent years, we have watched UPMC executives increase their own compensation while many frontline service employees use food banks, Medicaid, and other forms of public assistance. We have subsidized overseas ventures and corporate jets while workers struggle with unpaid medical bills.  Patients who carry the “wrong” insurance card are threatened with loss of in-network access to their doctors and hospitals. Employees who want to make improvements at work are met with misinformation, intimidation, and harassment.

As our region’s largest tax-exempt charity, UPMC must put the strength and health of our community first. 


Our City Is United In Calling On UPMC To:

It’s time for decision-making at UPMC to reflect the needs and aspirations of the people of this region. It’s time to harness UPMC’s power and wealth to create good jobs and a healthy Pittsburgh.

  • Help rebuild Pittsburgh’s middle class, by paying every worker no less than $15.00/hour, by forgiving the medical debt of UPMC employees, and by allowing caregivers to form their union without interference.
  • Ensure affordable access to all UPMC healthcare facilities for the people of our community.
  • Contribute its fair share to support public services such as our schools, our transit system, and our public health infrastructure.