Make It Our UPMC


It's time for UPMC to Start Acting Like a Real Charity

As Pittsburgh’s dominant health system and largest employer, UPMC is a key community asset that plays a vital role in our region’s economy. The people of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County share a common stake in UPMC’s growth and success.

With that success comes a serious set of responsibilities to the members of our community – healthcare consumers, taxpayers, and employees. As our region’s largest tax-exempt charity, UPMC must put the strength and health of our community first.

We call upon UPMC to begin living up to its responsibilities as our community’s largest tax-exempt charity by embracing the following Code of Conduct for a Strong, Healthy Pittsburgh.

YES! It's time for UPMC to be accountable to its charitable mission and build a stronger healthier Pittsburgh.

UPMC Code of Conduct for a Strong, Healthy Pittsburgh

  • Guarantee access to our community's healthcare institutions. UPMC will ensure affordable access to all of its healthcare facilities and services and will not discriminate based on insurance status. 
  • Paying its fair share to support public services. UPMC will contribute to public services, such as our underfunded schools and transit system, and our public health infrastructure. 
  • Respecting employees’ rights, support middle class jobs for our community. UPMC will ensure family sustaining wages and benefits for all employees. UPMC will respect the freedom to form a union and stop spending healthcare resources on union busting. 
  • Promoting our community’s health.  UPMC will work with local officials, advocacy organizations and other not-for-profit healthcare providers to improve our community health. 


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