Make It Our UPMC


UPMC: Work With Us to Create Good Jobs and a Healthy Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh needs UPMC—the city’s largest employer, healthcare provider and landowner—to use its power and wealth to create a better future for our city. That’s why we’re all coming together to demand UPMC help build and strengthen our middle class instead of holding our families and economy back

Instead of improving jobs, UPMC avoids its responsibilities to our city by denying it has employees. But it has more than 60,000 of them—people like Leslie Poston who works hard every day to keep the heart and lung transplant unit running smoothly. She has been at UPMC for ten years but even working full time only brings home less than $350 each week. Because of UPMC’s poverty wages, she must use food banks to keep food on her table.

UPMC could single handedly lift thousands of workers like Leslie out of poverty and into the middle class. Instead, it uses its power to bully workers who want nothing more than a voice on the job.

Will you stand with Leslie and her co-workers and tell UPMC to create good jobs and a healthy Pittsburgh?